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  • 01/19/13--10:41: WEIRD VICTORIAN LOUISE!
  • This eerily familiar Victorian-era woodcut was discovered by Bob’s fan David Cole.

    ALSO: T-shirts have FINALLY arrived! So if you won a T-shirt waaaaay back in October, keep an eye out.

    FINALLY: we, the writers of Bob’s Burgers, resolve to start posting here again soon. But we need your help. Send all fan art and baubles to and we’ll post them!

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    Louise chic?


    I wonder if he was inspired by Louise of Bob’s Burgers…

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    Here’s Bob’s Supervising Director Bernard Derriman’s notebook, found in the hallway. CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF, BERNARD!

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  • 02/05/13--11:49: AUSTRALIAN FACTS!!!
  • The Bob’s Burgers writers will periodically contribute funny lists to the esteemed website Here’s list #2!


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  • 02/12/13--11:41: BOB'S BUSKERS EPISODE ONE!
  • See the awesome amazing St. Vincent cover a song from “Bad Tina”! With Tina herself accompanying her on the mop!

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  • 02/14/13--19:44: BOB'S NAILS
  • Bob’s fan Ely Sova posted this amazing pic on the I Love Bob’s Burgers Facebook page. We’re guessing Louise’s ears chipped off…

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  • 02/15/13--14:21: HOLIDAYS AT BOB'S BURGERS
  • image

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    One of these photos depicts the Belchers (more or less). The other, by Joey Werner, depicts the actors who play the Belchers as the Belchers. WHICH IS WHICH?? 

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  • 02/21/13--13:37: FAN ART REVISITED
  • We’ve been out of the fan art game for a while, but that ends TODAY. Here’s Kimber Wolff’s psycho-rific Louise portrait.

    Do YOU have fan art to share? Send it to the Bob’s Burgers writers:

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    Whoa, what’s this?! More fan art just moments after we posted the last fan art?! It’s almost as if we’re going through the email in the Behind Bob’s Burgers account for the first time in months and posting stuff we should’ve posted a long time ago!

    These two come to us courtesy of talented Bob’s fan Aaron Dagenais, and we LOVE THEM. Thank you, Aaron!


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    We assume you saw the VERY EXCITING “Bob’s Buskers” video of St. Vincent covering a song from the “Bad Tina” episode? And that you’re looking forward to the videos we have coming soon of other great artists covering other Bob’s Burgers songs?

    Well yesterday a Bob’s fan named Alexandra Marga sent us her own busking effort, and we love it. Here she is, covering Linda’s song from “My Fuzzy Valentine.”

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    Join us this Sunday at 9:30 pm (SPECIAL TIME!!!!) for a magical journey of the heart…

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    JOHN ROBERTS INTERPRETS THE MUSIC OF THE GREAT EDDIE MONEY. From last night’s episode: “O.T. The Outside Toilet.”

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    This wall, in Bob’s employee Tony Gennaro’s office, contains many cryptic hints of Bob’s episodes to come. Oh, and Tony also drew all of these.

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    Here’s a trailer for tomorrow night’s crazy/good episode, called Topsy.

    Kevin Kline, Megan Mullally, Mark “K-Strass” Proksch, and Billy Eichner guest star.

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  • 03/10/13--09:37: ZACH WHITE: BURGERHERO
  • While we as a nation prepare for tonight’s episode of Bob’s Burgers — which, longtime fans might be interested to know, was co-written by Bob’s creator Loren Bouchard himself — let us honor an otherwise unsung hero of said episode, Mr. Zach White.

    Zach made himself available to track down Bob’s star Kevin Kline while Mr. Kline was on location, and to record CRUCIAL ADDITIONAL DIALOGUE that, had it not been delivered by the actual Kevin Kline, would have just been our writers’ assistant Mike Olsen who’s seen DAVE a lot and can kinda do the voice.


    And to all of you: remember to watch tonight! TOPSY! 9:30 pm! FOOOOOOX!


    Zach White, pretending he’s a Ghostbuster.

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  • 03/14/13--16:34: WHERE IS HARRY TRUMAN?
  • Ms. Katy Pearson has covered one of our favorite hair-brushing songs… 

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    Janine Brito is a writer for Totally Biased with W. Kumau Bell. On Twitter she mentioned — probably jokingly — that she would like to make a blog where she and others prepare, eat, and review every Burger of the Day special from Bob’s. Well we took this joke VERY SERIOUSLY INDEED, possibly because we can’t tell jokes from serious-talk, but also because we would love to see that blog and want to help make it a reality.

    Would you like to help Janine, possibly by making a Burger of the Day, eating it, and reviewing it? Give her a heads up on Twitter. She’s at @janinebrito

    0 0

    Our own beloved Kristen Schaal — the voice of Louise, if you weren’t aware — has her FIRST-EVER HOUR-LONG SPECIAL airing tonight on Comedy Central. It’s on at midnight, so stay up late or set your DVR.

    There are surprises in store. And hilarity. And weirdness. If you love Louise, you will love it.

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  • 04/24/13--22:26: BOB'S GRAFFITI
  • We don’t condone this, but we love it. Wrap your head around THAT.

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