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  • 10/25/12--08:30: TINY TINA!
  • Bob’s fan Danielle York sent us this great photo of her daughter (and fellow fan) Madeleine trying on her Halloween costume, complete with Horselain! Hear us: if Madeleine and Danielle come trick-or-treating in your neighborhood, you’d better have some full candy bars ready. None of this “fun-size” stuff!

    And remember: if you’re going as a Bob’s character for Halloween, send us a pic and we’ll send you a T-shirt. As always, we’re at

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  • 10/25/12--13:09: TINA IN STITCHES
  • This is a first for Bob’s Burgers: never before has Tina (or any character as far as we know) been immortalized in cross-stitch. It’s destined to be a treasured heirloom and it comes to us from Bob’s fan Emily Hsiao. Thanks, Emily!


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    You’ll all be receiving T-shirts (in addition to a massive candy haul tomorrow night, we’re sure).

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  • 10/30/12--14:10: HALLOWEEN 2: THE WEENENING


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    Keep the photos coming! As always, we’re at

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    It was a huge treat to find so many amazing Bob’s-inspired costumes waiting for us in our inbox this morning. We are seriously touched! We feel like we’re Linda and all of you are our adorable porcelain babies! 

    Now the bad news.

    We are running out of shirts! The first 50 or so costume submissions will get t-shirts (you guys should’ve already heard from us), but otherwise, we can only express our gratitude via a post on this website. We hope that’s okay. We didn’t expect such a big response!

    Rest assured, though, that if you sent a photo, it has been seen, loved, and forwarded to Tina for inclusion in some kind of glitter collage she’s working on.

    Happy Afterween! Remember to tune in this Sunday at 8:30 pm on Fox for an ALL NEW EPISODE!

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  • 11/01/12--11:12: AFTERWEEN 2: EVEN WEENIER


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    Angelenos! And surrounding area-enos! John Roberts (Linda Belcher) will be the special guest in an improv show THIS MONDAY November 5th at 8PM. The rest of the cast includes Bob’s writer Wendy Molyneux as well as Laura Krafft of the Colbert Report, Dana Powell of Suburgatory and many other local flavors! The show is FREE but you need to make a reservation by calling 323-960-5519. Now goooooooo!

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    First of all, we’re sorry we’re getting this up so late in the day. Is anybody out there at this hour on a Friday? Anybody? Scream really loudly into your computer’s mic if you’re there. We can hear that.

    Anyway, this Sunday we have an all-new episode for you called INDECENT THANKSGIVING DAY PROPOSAL. Here’s a clip, featuring not only a brand-new holiday standard as sung by Linda Belcher, but a cover version of that song by none other than amazing genius band THE NATIONAL. 

    Why the hell are the National covering Bob’s Burgers songs, you might wonder? Let’s just say it’s part of a top-secret project that we hope to share with you soon.

    Click here to watch the video! And see you Sunday…

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  • Perhaps you recognize this stately Fischoeder family portrait from last Sunday’s Thanksgiving episode? What you may not know is that it’s the work of our very own Devin Roth.


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    Hello! Over Halloween we held a contest where anyone who sent in a photo of themselves dressed as a Bob’s Burgers character was awarded a free Bob’s T-shirt. It’s almost December now so winners might be wondering, where are our free shirts????? 

    They’re coming! We ran out and are ordering more. Rest assured, we have your address and your preferences and will send your prizes ASAP!

    Thanks for your patience!

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    MORT’S LOST PODCAST! Here it is, unearthed for your pleasure: a hint of what Mort the Mortician does with his abundant spare time. And it’s not as disturbing as you might imagine!

    This was cut from the season one episode “Weekend At Mort’s”…

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  • 12/05/12--13:01: BUTT MOUNTAIN!
  • Another masterpiece by our own Devin Roth

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  • 12/12/12--10:23: CHRISTMAS WITH THE BELCHERS
  • A trailer for this Sunday’s Christmas episode, guest-starring ZACH GALIFIANAKIS!

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    In celebration of this Sunday’s holiday episode starring Zach Galifianakis, our own Devin Roth whipped up a Bob’s Burgers Christmas tree ornament that YOU YOURSELF CAN USE provided you can operate a printer and a pair of scissors.

    Get snippin’! 

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  • 12/13/12--11:15: FAN ART FUN!
  • We love this homemade birthday board, created by Bob’s fan Claire Ireland and shared on our Facebook page!

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    Courtesy of our own Anthony and Hector. Just print out the label and glue…


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    This comes to us courtesy of Bob’s writer Steven Davis and his brother, Mr. Mike Davis. It is our new favorite thing of all time.

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