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    A few of the cinematic allusions in Bob’s Burgers. (via Alexx17)

    We’ll post any more comparison shots you find!

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    From the Supernova Pop Culture Expo in Brisbane, Australia! (via faithinthepoor)

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    Here’s another T-Shirt design I was toying around with. I LOVE animated TV series and Bob’s Burgers is by far one of the best out there. To show my unwavering obsession with the show, I developed a shirt to parody Tina’s obsession with zombies (and butts) with the recent cult hit, Warm Bodies. If you really like it, you can buy it as a shirt on Red Bubble. Hope you enjoy! (via bearlygenius)

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    If the cast were dressed as their characters (via Wee Paper People)

    Click the link to make your own! Or make the Boy Meets World cast. Either way.

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    Our group Bob’s Burger costume for halloween, it was a boatload of fun. (via scudly)

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    i’m a huge fan of the show bob’s burgers. if you haven’t seen it already, definitely give it a shot. it has excellent writing, unique and well-rounded characters, as well as a level of wit you don’t commonly find on television today. i’ve also been on a minimalist portrait streak as of late. i decided to keep the theme going, so here’s the main cast of bob’s burgers. enjoy (via jtaira)

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    BEHIND THE SCENES: “Turkey in a Can” Animatic Video

    Here’s a quick peek at the making of Bob’s Burgers. After the actors record their lines, and before the episode gets animated and colored, it goes through an “animatic” phase, where the basic animation is laid out and matched to the audio—kind of like an animated storyboard. The animatic will be rewritten and revised until it’s ready to be animated.

    This is clip from the final animatic for episode #3ASA16, “Turkey in a Can.” To see the final product, tune in to the episode, Sunday night at 8:30pm EST, on FOX!

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    Join us tonight as we live-tweet the new episode!

    This week’s live-tweeters:  and .

    And keep watching  for exclusive content and a new behind-the-scenes video.

    As for a hashtag, how about… 

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    Bob’s “Father of the Brine” Thanksgiving turkey recipe!

    Make your Thanksgiving turkey using Bob’s secret recipe—guaranteed to be delicious. (Guarantee not valid in this state.) Just keep the turkey away from the litter box.

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    BEHIND THE SCENES: Megan Mullally (Gayle) and John Roberts (Linda) in the recording booth singing this year’s Thanksgiving song. Probably titled “Sailors in Your Mouth.”

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    Quick Doodles of Teddy Bob and Mort as the three Caballeros while i was waiting for my laundry to finish, because WHY NOT. (via mike-draws-some-stuff)

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    "Turkey in a Can" Live Table Read - May 6, 2013

    Here’s a clip of the Bob’s Burgers cast, with show creator Loren Bouchard reading the part of Gayle (Megan Mullally), reading the script for tonight’s episode. This was six months before the episode was finished, so you’ll notice some different dialog!

    At the Irenic in San Diego, May 6, 2013.

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  • 11/26/13--15:13: T O M O R R O W
  • Tune in to this blog for something special in your mouth and/or dashboard.

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    Bob’s Burgers animates The National singing Thanksgiving song | Inside TV |

    You know that song in the Thanksgiving episode where Linda and Gayle sing, “Sailors in your mouth, sailors in your mouth, that’s what Thanksgiving is all about!”

    Well, here’s that same song, sung by The National, set to a psychedelic, Thanksgiving-themed music video.

    Yeah, we can’t believe it either. 

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  • 11/28/13--15:04: Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Featuring new songs, ’80s flashbacks, tickling and more!

    Cool flier made just for our blog by Bob’s artists Hector Reynoso and Anthony Aguinaldo!

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    "PURPLE RAIN-UNION," the new episode of Bob’s Burgers, airs this Sunday at 8:30 on FOX!

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    Follow tonight’s live tweeters:  and. Join us with hashtag #bobsburgers!

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    “ALTERNATE ‘BAD HAIR DAY’ LYRICS: We’re gonna rock all night like we studied geology / And in the morning we’ll owe the neighbors apologies!”


    Behind Bob’s Burgers on Twitter (@BehindBobs)

    West Coast, don’t forget to tune in. On TV and on Twitter!

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